Thursday, October 21, 2010


A little tidbit about my oldest, Aria Grace - and I don't want any stereotyping when I say this - but mercy, does that child LOVE to take pictures.  When she was a mere twenty-months old, she knew how to not just turn on the camera, but to change the settings and frame her subject, properly, I might add. 

(I said no stereotypes!)

The upside of this:  maybe I'm raising the next Annie Leibovitz.  The downside:  going through the hundreds - not kidding - hundreds of pictures she's taken on my camera, and now occupying precious space on my hard drive.  Which is why it has taken me so terribly long to get Caroline's birthday pictures onto this blog. 

But glory be, I've finally done it, so I hope you enjoy...

Birthday girl and Mommy pre- party:

Baby girl not so thrilled with her party hat:

 Cake Joy!

 Post-bash exhaustion...  

And now some pictures of the the voyage back east.

 My little hiker in the mountains:

 Three favoritest people:

 No caption needed...

Mommy and girlie:

Scenic creeky photo:  Mommy, A, Mimi (Patti), Uncle Kick, and Poppies:

 Stunning - oh and a nice waterfall:

Yes, my 12-month old is running:

Family soccer game - nobody won:

And finally, God's country...



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  1. Happy Birthday, Caroline!!! Love the steeple hennin! It looks like you fed her dog kibble. LOL