Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I've always had a big preoccupation with costumes.

Ask any of my cousins.  From the tender age of, oh I don't know, six-ish, I was writing and directing plays to be performed at various family get togethers.  And I even got so bold as to charge admission.  For the really good ones.  Like the Christmas story performance, with our cat, Cobweb, in the title role as the tightly swaddled, hissing, growling, spitting Baby Jesus.  Probably not how it really went down.  Just a guess.

As I got older, this fixation was transferred to my dog.  Cooper, poor hapless Cooper, was dressed up for any given occasion.  He's been the Easter bunny, a reindeer, a big flower, a 70s-era disco dancer.  But I think I'd have to say my all-time favorite was the time he dressed as a lit Christmas tree.  A lit tree.  As in, powered by electricity.  You can't imagine how well that went over with my 100-lb dog.

Mercifully for Cooper, Aria and Caroline have come along, so my fashion-passion can now be redirected to the youngest, most naive, and least-likely-to-put-up-a-struggle (for now!) members of the family.

Which is really just a big build-up to the copious Halloween pictures you are about to be assaulted with...

Round One: 

Pumpkin Patch at The Dallas Arboretum.  We went with Tanner, one of Aria's BFFs, and Tanner's precious mommy, one of my BFFs.  Yes, of course I had the foresight to charge my camera battery.  No, I did not remember to remove it from the charger and actually put it back into the camera.  Doh! 

Ahh well.  Thanks, Andrea, for having my back and taking beautiful photos.

The answer to your unspoken question is, Yes.  My children were the only ones there in Halloween tutus. 

And I'm very proud of this.

Beware, Round Two is coming.  Aria gets to wear a Halloween costume to ballet class tomorrow.  This should be interesting!


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