Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Rocky Start

All that rhetoric I wrote imploring 2011 to be a better year?

I left Chris a little love note alerting him that the cause of the heavy breathing and groaning from the bathroom tile early this morning was not, in fact, a nice dream about him, but was, instead, this:

Congratulate me.  I birthed a 1 mm ball of rage from my ureter. 

And all without the aid of narcotics, seeing as how I had to be at work today at seven. 

I hope my colleagues remember how I took one for the team today when bonus time comes around next month...

Now, somebody please pass the Advil.



  1. Having lived for 43 years with a guy who has passed a wheelbarrow full of kidney stones, I sympathize with Chris for his disturbed sleep. It is difficult to get sufficient "shut eye" when someone is groaning, thrashing in the bed, and bolting to the bathroom throwing up. Yes, life can be difficult for us none-kidney-stone-formers. ;)

  2. So sorry for your pain, Sarah! But glad you passed it. Grant has had 3 lithotripsies.