Tuesday, December 7, 2010

An Early Christmas Gift

There has been a dirth of blog posts lately not for lack of material, oh no, but because of the exponential increase in the number of things to do around the holidays.  And also because I was sometimes writing these blogs at work.

That is, unless you are reading this and you happened to be my lovely, wonderful, and extremely understanding boss, Tracy, who has such a good sense of humor; in which case, ahem, girl, I would nevah, evah blog at work; I spend my time reading medical texts and journals, and contributing to my knowledge of premature babies and such. 

Nonetheless, were I to even want to blog at work lately, it would be impossible anyway, as it has been so stinking busy, I'm lucky if I even get to eat my lunch before 4 pm. 

And then at home, well, my cup runneth over between 2 and 4 pm.  Naptime.  Also known as my favorite time of the day.  Time that used to be reserved for ME and my friends and family in blog-land.  Time that is now devoted to ordering from Amazon (free shipping, no tax, are you kidding me?), addressing Christmas cards, and wrapping presents that my little ones are not supposed to know about.

So, instead of boring you with stories about how tired I am, or how busy we are, or how taxing it is on my tiny brain to remember to move the stinkin' Elf every morning, I'll instead let you peruse some pictures of the Lovelies.

Oh, wait!  A disclaimer to my immediate family:  I'd like to warn you that by looking at these extremely beautiful photos, you will also be previewing your Christmas gift from me and therefore ruining any surprise. 

Just sayin'.

Merry Christmas!  Don't say you weren't warned...


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