Monday, November 1, 2010


This Halloween, the Thomas family paid homage to our bi-denominational roots:  we went to a Fall Festival at our Baptist Church, of which we are faithful, active members.  And, since Baptists have the unspoken belief Halloween is pagan-y and all, and since I was raised Presbyterian and we took absolutely no spiritual issue with dressing up and begging for high-calorie indulgences from perfect strangers, (and also since I totally wanted Aria to have that experience), we did partaketh in both. 

Halloween 2010:  Fall Festival from 4-7, Trick-or-Treating from 7-8.  Reveling in our spoils, and sugar detox from 8-8:30. 

As promised, here are pictures of my Two princesses, Cinderella and Ladybug...

One of my favorites, Cinderella riding a big wheel at the festival:

 Ladybug playing in the grass:

 Cinderella Trick-or-Treating:

Now the true work begins: hiding the candy from Aria and Chris.



  1. Your little ladybug is so precious! And your little Cinderella is surely the belle of the ball! I'll bet a certain little Capt. Feathersword was a cutie too!

  2. Good for you!!! I'm glad you guys went trick-or-treating!!! All in good fun!!! (Those crazy Baptist pastors. LOL.) Karin would have been proud, too! : ) Although I find it really ironic that your next post is about obedience, considering what your pastor has probably suggested. LOL.