Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We're back!

The cool mountain breezes of North Carolina whispered our names for the past week. 

Capped off with a family wedding at the end of the week, we enjoyed nine days of Wood family fun in Blowing Rock, despite having to travel 5 hours on a plane and many, many hours in a rental car to get it. 

I thought I'd get some blogging done in my downtime, but our wireless service was spotty at best.  I took that as a sign from God.  So instead, I finished one book and started another, a startling feat in my house of late. 

Composing some blog posts of all our experiences vacationing with these two Thomas kids is too taxing on my brain right now, so I'll have to leave you hanging until the Texas heat fries me back to life.

I did try to get some good pictures of the girls on our trip.  We took a few shots on the golf course before dinner one night.

This is what my babies look like when I delay a meal in favor of a picture:

Lesson learned. 

More to come...

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