Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Caving In

I've finally done it. I've gone and created a blog. Who'd have thought? Not that I have anything against blogging. It's just that it always seemed so, well, self-indulgent. Why would anyone, other than my mother of course, care what cereal I ate for breakfast, or how much laundry I folded, or if Chris remembered to feed the dogs? Isn't this the digital form of voyeurism, people?

But it finally happened. I caved in, and joined the dark side.

It started gradually, of course. I stumbled across a cute little blog of a funny girl whose family is in the process of adopting another child. She posted some rather memorable musings about their adoption journey on her blog. I found myself thinking about them at different times throughout the day, so I'd log on to see what was happening in their lives. After a few weeks, it became an obsession: I had to know. What cereal did they eat for breakfast? How much laundry did she fold? Did her husband remember to feed the dog? And it wasn't just her. It was anyone - friends, family, Jennifer the checkout girl at Wal-Mart; if you had a blog, I wanted to read it. I just had to know what everyone was doing in their daily lives, however mundane it was. In fact, the more mundane, the better.

It reminds me of a particular obsession I had as a child. I was determined to be a spy when I grew up. I mean, I had the perfect cover, right? Average looking girl with an exceptionally high IQ (and humble, too) could infiltrate high-security government factions and obtain important secret information otherwise unavailable to my spy peers. Watch out, Osama bin Laden, you'd be so caught if I were in charge. As it was, my nine-year-old self convinced my best friend Christie to accompany me on a mission to explore the innermost daily life of our neighbor, Holly. What we got, besides poison ivy from the bushes outside the window, was 30 minutes of Holly and her family, sitting on the couch, watching Wheel of Fortune. Hmm... no deep dark secrets, no governmental coup. Ultimately, Christie decided she was bored of the whole spy thing and went home to watch The Love Boat. I was left alone in the bushes, my spy dreams crashing down around me. And thus, my dream career abruptly came to a halt.

Until now...

Following blogs allows me to spy on family, friends, strangers from the comfort of my own ergonomic desk chair! How is it I am just now figuring this out? Guess that doesn't speak well for my highly intelligent spy self, does it?


  1. Hi! I found out from Nina about your blog. I prayed for Aria long before she came home to America and have since prayed for you family as she became part of it. What a beautiful family you have! Welcome to the blog world. I've read your posts so far. You are gonna fit right in. HILARIOUS!!

  2. Nicki stole my word. I was going to post "Hilarious!"

    I am sure your super sleuthing will stand you in good stead as you figure out what your girls are up to as they grow towards adolescence.